How Steve Jobs failure led to Apple’s success

How Steve Jobs failure led to Apple’s success

How Steve Jobs failure led to Apple’s success

Many people may not know it but Apple founder Steve Jobs was actually fired from Apple. After Steve Job lost the power struggle at Apple and was kicked out, he used $12 million of his own money to start another company known as NeXT. 

This new company NeXT actually turned out to be a massive failure and it was this failure that ultimately saved Apple from total collapse. 

How it all started

In 1980, Apple was valued at $1.8 billion but a few years later, Apple was struggling and almost bankrupt. Their products were not selling, so in a bid to save the company Steve Jobs hired Pepsi CEO, John Scully. Steve Jobs approached John and asked him, “Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life or do you want to come with me and change the world?” That was how Scully left Pepsi and joined Apple but later tension began to grow between him and Steve Jobs. 

Steve Jobs was bad-tempered and would fire a talented employee for the slightest mistake. This angered the new CEO who eventually began an epic power struggle with Steve Jobs and eventually, Jobs left Apple to go start his own computer company called NeXT. His vision for this new company was to build powerful computers for universities and researchers. 

In 1988, NeXT launched its first computer, a very powerful machine but it turned out to be too expensive. This made the product to fail as buyers were completely turned off by its price. Steve Jobs stopped producing the product and started working on new software called NeXT STEP, an operating system. This new software became a massive success but the company could not survive on the software sales alone. While this was going on Apple was struggling badly, they kept building failed products and its CEO eventually resigned. 

Steve Jobs

Windows was booming and Apple needed new software to survive. The following year Apple bought NeXT for $429 million and that was how Steve Jobs returned to Apple.  Steve Jobs later regained his position as CEO of Apple and combined his powerful software, NeXTSTEP OS with Apple hardware The NEXTSTEP Operating System built on top of UNIX became what we all know as the Mac OS today. It was this OS that eventually put Apple in the limelight and made the company successful. 

The OS was eventually used as the foundation to create iOS, WatchOS, TV OS. It’s almost 20 years later and yet millions of people worldwide are still using it. If Steve Jobs had not failed with his new company, there probably wouldn’t have been an Apple product or even Apple as a company. It was his failure that turned the fortunes of Apple and Steve Jobs eventually died of cancer.

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