Huawei has confirmed it is developing it’s own Kirin OS to replace Android


Kirin OS

Chinese technology giant Huawei has finally confirmed that it is developing it’s own OS to battle the android OS in the nearest future. This confirmation has finally put and end to all the rumors that the company plans to develop it’s own operating system. The name of the OS will be called the KIRIN OS. Just like Huawei unveiled it’s own chipset processor, the Kirin processor to replace the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. The company is doing the same thing with the software. This means Chinese tech companies are serious trying to break their dependence on American tech companies.

China already has it’s own major search engine. It’s own social media platforms, it’s own car companies, it’s own electric car start ups, it’s own airplane manufacturers, it’s own weapon manufacturers and so on. If Huawei finish developing it’s own OS, then they’ll have little or no need to rely on American tech companies. That’s if the OS is flexible and compatible with all the regular apps.

Huawei development center

Kirin OS

“Kirin OS” when finally completed will first be available exclusively on Huawei devices. Then from there it will expand to other smartphone companies. You will recall that Huawei devices now use the 7mm Kirin 980 processors which is more powerful than the Snapdragon 845 processors.  Huawei Product VP, Bruce Lee, confirmed on Weibo (a Chinese social media network) that a whole new OS that will replace android in the future is “under development.”

Currently Huawei is the 2nd biggest smartphone company in the whole world second only to Samsung. The company is now following the footsteps of Apple to build an eco-system around it’s own products. Just like Apple developed iOS, Huawei is now developing Kirin OS. This might force other smartphone giants like Samsung to begin to abandon Google in favor of developing their own OS. We all wait to see how this new Kirin OS will be received outside China. As far as Google is concerned, no one stays on top forever.

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