Instagram finally rolls out “close friends” feature for more privacy.



The announcement was first made in June 2017, that Instagram would be starting a new kind of friend list. Finally, after 18 months of waiting, the feature has finally been rolled out. It is called the “Close Friends” feature which will allow you to invite a few selected group of besties while shutting out the rest of your followers. This feature will allow you and your closest friends to share more intimate and private moments and conversations.

For those who would love to share naughty pictures, and jokes with their closest friends.  They can add a selected group of their Instagram friends using this feature because it is more secure and private.  Instagram said in a statement that “With Close Friends, you’ll have the flexibility to share your personal moments with exactly who you want. Whether that’s inside jokes with your team or showing off your new relationship to your inner circle.”

This feature is quite unique. First it doesn’t send those annoying notifications to all your followers about who added who to his/her “close friends.” Second it gives you total and complete control over who you want to add and who not to add. Third is that no one can request to join the group or request to be added.

You can only know those who you’ve added to your close friends list if you see green ring around their photo.

Instagram Close Friends feature


For me the best feature of this close friends upgrade is that your friends will never get notified whether you add them to your list or remove them. If they’re on your list, they see the green light on your photo, if they’re not, they won’t see the green light. It’s that simple. Your friends will only think that maybe you don’t have a close friends list. They won’t know you just don’t want to add them. People might be a close friend one day and drift away from you over time.

That way you can still maintain your friendship with all your friends without getting anyone suspicious or offended. Only your inner circle will see your stories but all your friends and followers will see your regular posts.

Of course, not only friends can decide to use close friends feature. People with “dirty minds” can decide to put up a private show with some followers who’re ready to pay. Also big brands may use it to create a VIP list or Fan Club among their loyal customers. It can be used in many different ways. This cool new feature only apply only to Instagram Stories, not regular posts. Maybe in future, it’ll include posts.


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