InvictusObi: Why we should not blame Forbes, Atiku, EFCC, Bella Naija, BBC etc.

InvictusObi: Why we should not blame Forbes, Atiku, EFCC, Bella Naija, BBC etc.

Billionaire InvictusObi: Why we should not blame Forbes, Atiku, EFCC, Bella Naija, BBC etc.

The rise and fall of Forbes celebrated nairaland billionaire InvictusObi and why we can’t afford to blame EFCC, Forbes Africa and BBC.

Ever since Obinwannem Okeke was arrested by the FBI in the United States, social media have been flooded with thousands of comments and many reputable media outlets like Bella Naija, Forbes Africa, BBC etc have come under heavy attack from social media users. In this post, I’ll take my time to explain why we should not put blame on these reputable media outlets and even law enforcement agencies.


EFCC is not sophisticated enough to track such high tech scam

EFCC is more of a guerilla crime agency. They mostly rely on what they call “tip-off” to do their jobs. They receive a call from “anonymous source” saying he suspects his neighbour is a yahoo boy. Immediately they raid his house in the middle of the night, arrest him and his crew, seize their smartphones and laptops with the hope of finding incriminating evidence that can serve as evidence in court. That’s their modus operandi.

EFCC can’t track stuff like Internet Protocol (IP address), hack into an email, carry out a detailed painstaking investigation. They depend a lot on luck, an element of surprise, harassment and intimidation. They lack the training, technology and manpower for that high-level scam so blaming them for not arresting Invictus after all these years is not fair. There are many fraudsters that have beaten the “Almighty FBI” and been on FBI watch list for years with no hope of arrest.


Invictus Obi is not your everyday scammer

According to a popular Nigerian politician, some people belong to 97% while others belong to 5%. INVICTUS does not belong to the 97% class of fraudster, he belongs to the rare 5% which are extremely difficult to decipher. The everyday yahoo boy wants to make a few thousand bucks, drive a flashy car, grow dreadlocks and pop champagne with big ass women twerking for him day and night. The rare 5% of fraudsters are too smart for that, they invest their loot in legit businesses and foundations. They wear suits and keep low haircut while acting as motivational speakers That’s why it’s hard to even suspect they’re into fraud and that’s why they can fool big organizations who believe they’re legit.

Forbes Africa is not a law enforcement agency but a media organization.

Since this story broke, many folks have been saying “Forbes 30 under 30” list is a scam. No, it’s not! It’s not their duty to investigate how you started your life, their job is to look at your assets and their value. They work with the information you provide not the other way round. The highest they can do is demand proof that you are actually the owner of those assets and that you actually earn what you claim and they’ll publish a story about you. Elizabeth Holmes is the biggest fraudster in Silicon Valley but she made it into Forbes and Fortune magazines until she got busted. So no need to blame Forbes, or BBC or Bella Naija and so on.

InvictusObi made some terrible mistakes but he is not a fool.

I laughed when I saw some comments of people who called him a fool and stupid for making the dumb mistakes he did. The guy was just leaving his footprints all over the internet like a toddler. He didn’t use VPN to hide his IP address while sending out scam emails, he kept using the same scam email for personal use and creating accounts on social media and a host of other dumb mistake but he was not a fool. A fool would not be able to attain that height in the scam industry and even appear on Forbes cover. A fool would not set up companies in oil and gas, agriculture, technology, real estate and so on. He was smart, maybe too smart and that gave him too much confidence and led to his downfall.

What EFCC can do at this point is just to use his BVN and freeze his personal and company accounts. Then maybe seize some assets after all the hard work has already been done by the FBI. The FBI in its report stated that if INVICTUS leave the US for Nigeria, he will be out of their reach. This shows that EFCC does not synergize and coordinate with the FBI and that’s bad. They should step up and game so they can be more proactive and effective. I really commend the FBI for achieving this incredible task. 


Final word, embrace hard work and integrity. “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it.” Warren Buffet 

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