See the controversial iPlane Kanye West showed to Trump in the White House.

Kanye West

Kanye West meets president Trump

Kanye West sparked rage and anger in the black American community with his Oval office meeting with president Trump. CNN reporter Don Lemon called him “an attention whore”, 50 Cent mocked him on social media. Rapper T.I called it “the most repulsive,disgraceful, embarrassing act of desperation & auctioning off of one’s soul to gain power I’ve ever seen..”

T.I said “but bro… I feel that I’d be compelled to slap de’Fuq outta you bro For the People!!!”

CNN reporter Don Lemon even said that Kanye West’s mom will be rolling in her grave watching that horrible interview.

We know the meeting was a disaster, but all that aside one thing really caught our attention at techcapon. It’s the the concept iPlane he showed to president Trump and he wants Apple to start working on it.

Kanye West meets president Trump

Aside from showing us his phone password, dropping the F-WORD in the Oval Office, Kanye West also revealed to the president this concept for an Apple-made, hydrogen-powered “iPlane 1”. According to him, this plane should replace the Airforce One.

Funny thing is the “iPlane 1” is neither a secret Apple product nor an original Kanye idea. Instead, it’s a concept piece that was part of industrial designer Shabtai Hirshberg’s 2012 master’s thesis project imagining the future of air travel in 2030.

Kanye West

Speaking to The Verge, Hirshberg explained that he had no idea that Kanye was using his art. “No, it completely caught me by surprise. A good surprise, I would say — it’s always nice to see your designs being thought well for,” Hirshberg said.

Although Kanye West eventually took his work to the President, he’s happy he got little attention from the media. “He didn’t say that it was me… but it’s nice to be recognized by the reporters at least.”

Kanye West

Hirshberg however expressed hope the project will come to life eventually.“I’d be more than happy to collaborate with Kanye West and Apple if they decide to actually take this forward.” he said.


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