Michelle Obama’s new book “Becoming” is now the best selling book of 2018


Michelle Obama Becoming

Former US first lady Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” has become the best selling book of the year overtaking other best sellers such as “Fire and Fury” and “Fear” by Bob Woodward. Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”, which just came out few weeks ago has sold like wild fire all over the world. BookScan shows 1,122,618 hardcover copies of Obama’s Becoming has been sold since it was realeased in November 13th 2018. 

Just yesterday Friday, Penguin House announced in a conference that the book has sold more than 2 million copies both soft copies and hard copies. While the world is waiting for first lady Melania Trump to “write her own book”, Michelle Obama continues to ride on the waves of her former White House glory. There will be only 3.4 million copies of the hard cover edition in the United States and Canada. It also has an electronic version as well as audio version.

Michelle Obama Becoming

In the book she talked about a lot of her intimate and personal experiences as a woman, mother and wife. She talked about her miscarriages, how she conceived her two children via IVF. She also blasted president Trump in the book saying how she felt when she learned he would succeed her husband. She said she tried to “shut it all out and refused to smile at the ceremony.”

Other key things she mentioned in the book was her advice to black women, her childhood, her former jobs, how she met and fell in love with her husband Barack Obama. In the controversial book also mentioned how she was hurt by Trump’s accusations that her husband was a secret Muslim born abroad and not in the United States.

BECOMING by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Becoming

She said she will never forgive Trump for his actions towards her husband which describe as “CRAZY AND MEAN SPIRITED”. She further accused Trump of being a bigot and Xenophobic. She would never forgive him for putting her family’s life at risk with his reckless attitudes. Mrs Obama further blasted Trump by saying she’s shocked the country elected a “MISOGYNIST” over a qualified Hillary Clinton.

On Amazon, Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” is at No. 1, “Fire and Fury” at No. 2, “Girl, Wash Your Face” at No. 3, and “Fear” at No. 4. Michelle Obama is currently on a book tour in ten cities. There’s no doubt that sales are going to keep rising.

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