My experience after using Google Earth for the first time.

Today is the very first day I used Google Earth on my laptop and I can tell you it is the greatest feeling in the world. It’s just like catching a flight and flying to any city in the world in a matter of seconds.  Jesus, if you’ve never used Google earth before in your life, you’re missing out big time. It feels like flying from one country to another anyhow you like. It was as if I was controlling my own private satellite with a very powerful camera attached to it and I have complete power to zoom in and out of every city I want. You don’t need to have visa to visit that city you’ve always wanted to visit.

While it is a very exciting experience, I must also warn you that if you don’t have enough data don’t bother because it is very data consuming. No body on this planet can visit every city on earth but with Google earth, you can teleport straight to that city and have a street view of what it looks like. One of the most fascinating things about Earth was simply scrolling around to see what the world looks like from above. Now, you can get a much more realistic look at things. The 3D mode renders the world so you can see things from any angle, based on data from satellites and Street View.  The “I’m feeling lucky” button blasts you across the globe to a random location and brings up a knowledge card so you can learn more. The cards include a description from Wikipedia, really cool.

My experience exploring Nigeria

I was so disappointed that only about 5% of Nigeria is captured on Google Earth, the rest is just 2D satellite images from the sky. A far cry from what I saw in Ghana where almost every street on Ghana, Accra, Kumasi is fully captured. I dragged myself straight to Sambisa forest in Maiduguri hoping to see battlefield with serious action in pictures but was shocked to see lots structures with Aluminium roofs in SAMBISA FOREST. Hmmm, I fear o.

No street view was available in almost the whole North Eastern region, too bad. Lagos is the only city in Nigeria with at least 60% coverage on Google earth. I navigated my way through Lagos and was surprised to discover that Lagos is very overrated especially Ikoyi. I was thinking I will see something similar to Dubai. No street view of Banana Island was available, reason best known to Google. Abuja and Port Harcourt has very limited coverage on Google Earth, this guys should hire me let me do the coverage for them.  Bored with Nigeria wahala I flew to California….


Arriving in California, I was jumping excitedly from street to street like spiderman, I’m sure in real life I would be arrested for loitering. I entered Silicon Valley, everywhere looks so neat, cars are well parked, beautiful flowers, trees, just like heaven. The roads are superb. Then I flew to New Jersey, pot holes on some of the streets, dirty electrical wires everywhere like cobwebs. I was amazes that they have such things in USA.

Final thoughts.

The fact that Nigeria has a very limited coverage on Google Earth, less than 5% is a big shame in this era where smartphones with camera is everywhere. I really commend Lagos, even Ikorodu and other Ghetto in Lagos has full street view coverage. It can be a source of employment to the youth to just go round major cities and take pictures of the streets and send to Google. I didn’t know Ghana is so beautiful until now, Capetown South Africa is like heaven, no wonder our Nigerian brothers there don’t like coming home, Lol. Google Earth has a search option where you’ll just enter the name of the street and voom, Google will fly you straight to that street anywhere in the world. I encourage everyone to use Google Earth, it’s a lovely experience. You don’t need to have visa to visit that city you’ve always wanted to visit.



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