My expert review of the artificial intelligent “Ask Atiku yourself” mobile app

My expert review of the artificial intelligent "Ask Atiku yourself" mobile app

First of all, I’ll try to make this review as bipartisan as possible but at the end of the day, it’s up to the readers to say where my loyalty belongs. As a tech expert, when I heard about the Atiku mobile app, I was pretty excited. The bloggers said that you can ask Atiku any question on the app and he’ll answer the question. Then to add insult to injury, they called it “artificial intelligent” mobile app. I was super excited, the first thing I did was to rush down to Google Play store to find this “artificial intelligent” app. I saw a bunch of other Atiku mobile apps on play store but this one was not among.  How can this much talked about app not be on play store? Then I went to Atiku’s Twitter and I saw a link to the app, clicked on the link and landed on a mobile web page.

First impression

I discovered that in order to use this app, you had to rotate your smartphone horizontally. To do this, just go to settings >> display >> auto-rotate. That’s if it’s not turned on by default. After rotating the phone, I saw a page that said “This is your chance to ask Atiku a question. Select a question from the list on the notepad in the video.” Then I hit the play button.

My observations

First thing I noticed is that there’s nothing “artificially intelligent” about the app. Rather, it’s just a pre-recorded video of Atiku answering a set of questions. ( Artificial Intelligence means an app or machine that have its own intelligence, can learn new things, reason and solve problems by itself )

Secondly, it’s more like an online video game than a mobile app. The only difference is that it’s Atiku’s face you’ll see. You play this video game by selecting a question on the notepad and a video of Atiku answering the question will play.

Altogether, it’s a set of 9 questions on the notepad. The questions include:

“What’s your favorite food?” He answered Nigerian Jollof rice

“Which club do you support?” He answered “Arsenal which he has supported for more than 25 years”

“Favorite artist? Davido”

“How do you handle 3 wives from 3 different regions? By not putting them in the other room” (A mockery of Buhari)

Things I like about the app.

To be honest I really enjoyed the app! The way he talked and laughed in the video shows that he is a man who is flexible, communicates well and jovial. Important traits seriously lacking in the incumbent (Buhari)

Also, the app showed that he is innovative. To come up with such a concept that no politician in Nigeria has ever introduced before proves that the man is filled with new, fresh ideas. Our country is badly in need of such a person with fresh ideas. Huawei is doing great today because the company changes their CEO every 6 months. The company says it does so to keep fresh ideas coming in which is a very good thing. Nigeria needs fresh ideas.

This app also proves that Atiku works well with the youth. He has intelligent youths actively working in his campaign. This is not a concept created by an old man.


I commend the team which came up with this concept. This app is just Atiku’s way of warming up to the young people and I believe there’s no one either APC or PDP who won’t laugh while watching it. However, I believe the team could have done better by making the resolution of the video better. The quality is too poor. Also, they could have made the app more interesting by adding some more important questions which have issues bothering Nigerians. Notwithstanding, the app was very enjoyable especially for young people. To prove that the Nigerian youths really loved the app, there were a lot of nice comments about it on Atiku’s Twitter page. If you haven’t seen the app I suggest you do.



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