The Notch is dead ! Checkout the latest trend in smartphone designs

When iPhone started producing notch screen smartphone, nobody knew it would become so popular to the extent where almost every major smartphone maker was making smartphones with notch display. Looks like that notch screen trend is dead and guess who killed it ? SAMSUNG ! Yes, Samsung is one of the few smartphone companies that never followed the notch trend. Now Samsung has invented the new trend and it’s called the “Hole design”. Some might call it “Hole in the screen” design, whichever way you like, just know that there’s a hole in it.  The hole in the screen will house the selfie camera and maybe, the speaker.

Samsung Galaxy A8s and Huawei Nova 4

However, the first smartphone that will feature this new “hole design” is the all new SAMSUNG GALAXY A8s set to be launched on the 10th of December this year. The second smartphone to feature this design will be the HUAWEI NOVA 4 set to launch on the 17th of December this year. While the Samsung Galaxy A8s hole will be on the right side of the screen, the Huawei Nova 4 hole will be on the left side.  I think Samsung has finally found the best way of getting rid of the smartphone “notch”.  This is why they are the number one smartphone maker in the world. Huawei is following them very closely.

Consequently, other smartphone makers like VIVO and OPPO has tried to get rid of the notch by producing the “pop-up selfie-camera” smartphone design. A lot of people did not really buy that idea of having a pop-up camera. The reason is that the phone might fall and the camera mechanism will get damaged beyond repair. The reason I love this new hole in the screen design is because it’s really nice to look at. It adds to the beauty of the smartphone. It conveniently removes that ugly notch from the screen of the smartphone.

Hole in the screen design

This is a wake up call to other smartphone makers such as TECNO, INFINIX, XIAOMI and other android makers. If they keep churning out the notch design in 2019, it means they’re not serious. Hopefully maybe iPhone will follow this new trend in future. I never really liked that notch.  This is the new trend and it’s better. I know the smartphone industry is advancing at a very slow pace in terms of technology. Almost all phones including the high-end ones have the same specifications.

The so called high end smartphones were not doing much to justify their high price tag. The only difference between them is just RAM, storage size and maybe processors. Now I think all that is going to change in 2019 ! A lot of new changes will hit the smartphone industry in 2019. The high-end smartphones of 2019 will have a good reason to be called high-end and will justify their high prices. New technology such as Snapdragon 855 chipset, 5G and others will enter full speed next year and I know it’s going to remain that way for a while. What do you think about this new smartphone designs ? Tell us in the comment section.

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