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Facebook launches the AI-Powered Facebook Portal and Portal Plus for video calls.

The Facebook Portal and Portal Plus is here. World’s biggest social media giant Facebook has launched it’s first hardware device called the Portal which is aimed at using artificial intelligence powered camera to enhance video calling experience. The Portal comes in two forms; the Portal and the Portal Plus.

The concept is simple

Facebook says the aim of the Portal is to solve all the problems encountered during video calls because, sitting in front of a webcam or holding a smartphone to your face while moving around. It makes use of an AI-powered camera to zoom and reframe the picture, allowing you move freely and naturally around.

The Portal sits but if you move away while making calls, the camera follows you around.

Facebook Portal and the Portal Plus

There are two version of Facebook Portal: a 10.1-inch version and a 15.6-inch one called the Portal Plus. Both run the same custom processors and software, but they look very different both in size, design and color.

The smaller 10.1 inch Portal has a screen fixed in a horizontal orientation with a speaker at the base. The screen can rotate 90 degrees for a wider view of the caller on the other end.

According to Facebook, people spend 1.5 billion minutes on video calls every day, this means that video calls  are becoming increasingly popular and Facebook intends to improve that experience.

The Portal is like having a personal camera operator expertly film your chat. It could make Messenger video calls as much about the actual conversation. Because of this, the FACEBOOK Messenger will now be your number one video calling app but do you trust Facebook to protect your privacy?


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