The new 2019 Honda Insight looks just like the Honda Accord/Civic Hybrid.


The second-generation Honda Insight was a five-door hatchback that, despite being a cheap hybrid is very much better than it’s predecessors.This hybrid more likely is a successor to the discontinued Civic Hybrid, and looks like a hybrib of the Accord and the discontinued CrossTour, the Insight takes the best parts of both cars and injects them with a dose of green cred that’s hard to beat.

Infotainment system



The 8-inch infotainment screen found on the EX and Touring trims offers up the latest version of Honda’s infotainment system.  this new one is fast and more straightforward. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come along for the ride, but not on the base LX trim of course and yeah there’s a 4G LTE Wi-Fi too.

Under the hood

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