This is how limousines are made (PHOTOS)

This is how limousines are made (PHOTOS)

What most people don’t know is that car manufacturers hardly make limousines. Most of these limos are just ordinary cars that have been elongated and converted into a limo. Designing a limo is an elaborate and tedious process but it is also a very lucrative business in advanced countries like the United States. Majority of these companies convert ordinary cars to limousines and put them for rent. Any car can be converted into a limo, I mean any normal car like SUVs or sedans. In this post I’m going to give a breakdown of the process involved. It takes about 3 weeks to 1 month to convert a single car into a limousine.

First, you bring the car into the garage.

Okay, so we have identified the car we want to use. It’s a white Chrysler. First thing you do is to wash the car to remove all dirt and dust particles. After washing the car, the car is stripped down. This is done by removing all the seats, fuel tank, drive shaft, windows of the car and so on.

Slice the car into two equal parts

Before cutting the car, first they take full measurement of the car in order to avoid mistakes. Then the car is sliced into two equal parts using an electric saw. Starting from the roof, down to the floor the slice is gently. After cutting the car, the worker wheel the back half of the car away from the front half. They place the back half of the car on the exact spot where the limousine will gradually be assembled.

Construction of frames begin

It’s time to start the construction of the limo. First they start by inserting steel rails on both sides of the car. Joining the front half to the back half. Then they start welding the joints together. Then the workers take measurements to make sure both sides of the limousine is equal. After that, they fix the drive shaft tunnel which houses the steel drive shaft and the exhaust pipe. Then they begin weld it to the original vehicle tunnel. They position the floor which is made of galvanized steel tunnel and weld it into place.

It’s roofing time

Before roofing, the worker attach roof rails to the original roof rails of the car and weld it together. After the roof rails have been welded into place, a vertical side post will be attached to the roof rail and the floor. This is to support the roof from caving in. Then he welds the base of the post to the floor frame. After then, a roof sheet made of galvanized steel is put in place as seen above.

They install the side panels

Installation of side bars and side panels begins. After they’ve installed the side bars, the workers install the outer body panels. These outer body panels are complete with hardened steel crash-bar. Then the body panel is screwed into place. The screws will be removed once the panels have bonded solidly to the limousine frame.

The paint job

After the side panels have been firmly attached to the frame of the car, the doors are fixed. After fixing the doors, it’s time to do the paint job. The car is sprayed with 3 coats of paint, then two coats of protective clear coating is applied. Of course you can choose any color you want but most limousines are usually white or black. I prefer white though. Once the painting process is complete, workers install the laminated safety side glass. Then contact cement is sprayed on the roof of the limo in preparation for the vinyl top. Then the vinyl top is attached to the roof top very carefully.

The interior work begins

After the exterior work is complete, those in the interior department takes over. This is the exciting part of the job. They start by installing the seats. The long luxurious seats, then the wine bar. After installing the seats, they install the cabinets, fridge, fancy lights, music systems and so on. Then a systems installer comes in to install all the electrical systems and components. Most of the control panel are located on the dashboard and behind the drivers seat. This is to enable the driver communicate with the passengers and vise versa. Then a worker installs a video monitor and screen in the limo.

A brand new luxurious interior

In just 21 days, the ordinary Chrysler car has now be transformed into a luxurious limousine. Of course the wheels are changed into fancy chrome wheels.

Before and after. From ordinary car to luxury limo



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