This is how the FBI uses technology to catch pedophiles

This is how the FBI uses technology to catch pedophiles

At the FBI office in San Diego, a special FBI unit known as Internet Crime Against Children (ICAC) is investigating one of the world’s fastest growing problems. This problem is internet child pornography and pedophiles. This division of the FBI are always online in different chat rooms posing as little girls and are chatting with pedophiles. They prtend to be little girls under the ages of 13 or 14 years old. The biggest challenge is convincing the men that you are actually 13 years old. They chat using a lot of slangs and spelling errors in order to make the pedophile believe they’re chatting with a little girl.

As soon as the pedophile believe they’re chatting with a little girl, they become comfortable. The pedophiles are going to ask you your favourite song, color, etc just to be sure. These agents chat online 247 with these pedophiles. A single FBI agent can chat with 5 pedophiles at the same time. Chat rooms are the most common places to find pedophiles and the goal is to catch them before they actually commit the real crime of raping a young girl. The agents really need to sound convincing or the pedophile will log out of the chat.

Once the men are comfortable chatting with the person they suspect to be a girl, they start sending pictures. The FBI agents also know that in these chat rooms, there are real kids who are also there chatting so it’s hard for the pedophiles to detect who is a real child and who’s not.

The next thing they demand is nude pictures from the little girls. Chatting with a potential pedophile is a really dauting task for these FBI agents but they have to do it to keep kids safe. It’s important to note that kids feel safe online and don’t really know the risk of chatting with strangers online. That makes them willing to do whatever they’re told to do even if it means to send photos of themselves.

Statistics show that over 80% of online child predators have the potential to turn into a real child molester. Sometime the chats can last more than 3 weeks or even more. During that time the agents have gathered enough details and evidence from the pedophile including where they stay. Then its time to make an arrest, they don’t have to wait for them to commit the crime. A pedophile online is as dangerous as a pedophile offline.

The first thing the agent do when they arrest the potential suspect is to confiscate their computers and smartphones. These items contain all the evidence they need to build their case. The suspects most times have child pornography in their laptops and smartphones. Then they take the suspect into custody. The FBI forensic experts specialize in recovering this hard evidence from their computers as well as the chats they had with the children.

Once the FBI agents have all the evidence they need against the suspect, the suspect is charged to court. At this time, the judge doesn’t need to know if the suspect actually committed the crime or not, as soon as the judge is convinced that the suspect poses a risk and has the potential to violate a child, he sends the suspect to prison.

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