This is why Whatsapp video chat is still better than Apple’s FaceTime for now.

I don’t even wanna talk about Skype right now because Skype is still the king of video calls both PC and smartphone. Comparing Skype to these two will be like bringing a gun to a knife-fight. Recently Whatsapp launched it’s own group video chat to rival Apple’s FaceTime which was launched in 2010 by Steve Jobs has been around much longer than Whatsapp but less popular. In this post I will be comparing whatsapp video feature to that of Apple’s FaceTime and I’ll declare a winner of course but by the title of the post, you can already guess which of them it would be. Let’s get down to it.


Seriously, as I’m writing this there are millions of youths who haven’t even heard the word FaceTime in their entire life not to mention using it. This lack of popularity is to be blamed on Apple which made the app strictly for iOS platforms. Whatsapp on the other hand is a whole lot popular and has over 1.5 billion active users around the world. How many iPhone users even uses FaceTime when most of their friends are using android phones? You are more likely to find your friends on Whatsapp than on FaceTime.


One bad thing about this app is that it is only compatible with iOS devices including  iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Macs, any other device is not compatible with FaceTime. This sad news means only iPhone users can FaceTime each other. Whether they like it or not, it makes no sense because Android is the world’s most popular mobile OS platform and if an app does not support Android, it’s almost useless. Whatsapp on the other hand supports all platforms both Windows, iOS and Android which makes it more user friendly and popular.

Group video calls:

Whatsapp has beat FaceTime in their own game by introducing group video calls in its latest version. Whatsapp can make group video calls or conference calls allowing up to four people at the same time. FaceTime on the other hand supports only two people at a time. Although Apple has announce that in the latest iOS 12 or macOS 10.14 Mojave that will be launched later this year 2018, it will support FaceTime video calls of up to 32 people at the same time, until then it’s only for two people. This new feature will only be available to those who upgrade to iOS 12 or macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Data and battery consumption

It’s not a secret that Apple phones still doesn’t have great batteries compare to Android so it is ok to say FaceTime is going to consume more battery juice than Whatsapp. Whatsapp has already been optimized to make sure it doesn’t drain battery. In terms of connectivity, Whatsapp consumes less data than FaceTime.




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