Top 10 keyboard Apps to install in your Android smartphone.

90% of android users who buy new phones don’t rely on the keyboard that comes with the phones by default. They install other third party apps to replace the default apps  because of the enhanced features, fun themes, advanced swiping options, and highly customizable layouts. There are lots and lots of Android keyboard apps on the Google Playstore that if you’re not careful you might get confused on which one is best for you. In this post I want to compile a list of top 10 keyboard apps for android.


Say goodbye to typographical errors and incorrect spellings with Swiftkey advanced autocorrect based on your personal writing style. Swiftkey also inserts missing space for you as well as suggest the next word you’re about to type thereby saving you time and increases your typing speed. It is available on Playstore.


This keyboard is Google’s own keyboard and has great themes, new features, advanced swiping options, and highly customizable layouts. It used to be called Google keyboard until Google decided to change it’s name. It also comes with voice typing as well. You can also this keyboard’s ‘Handwriting’ option if you’d like to write something manually, while this app also supports GIFs out of the box and has Google Translate built in. It also has Google search engine integrated into the app.


The Chrooma keyboard is very much inspired by the gboard keyboard but offers a lot more functionality to the table. Chrooma actually allows you to completely edit the look and layout of your keyboard and has the ‘Adaptive Theme’, thanks to which it can pick up a color from the app you’re in, so for example, if you’re using Hangouts, your keyboard will be green-colored, if you’re using Facebook, you can pick blue color and so on. GIFs and emoji are supported here, while there are also a ton of other customization options available as well.

TouchPal Keyboard

This is one of the oldest Keyboard apps in Playstore and also comes preinstalled in a lot of new devices. It is also very popular because it comes with 5,000+ free themes, and over 300 emoji, gits, stickers and pop smileys. TouchPal has one of the best writing predictions out there, and it supports multilingual typing as well.

Go Keyboard

Go keyboard is also pretty popular as it comes pre installed as well in a lot of devices. it has over 200 million users. You can theme and customize Go Keyboard any way you like, as it has over 10,000 themes at your disposal. This keyboard supports over 60 languages, and by doing that, it covers over 100 countries all over the world, as far as language-support is concerned. It has the main version as well as a Lite version depending on which one you like.

Fleksy Keyboard

This keyboard is a Guinness record holder for fastest speed recorded. Brazilian teenager Marcel Fernandes Filho, who is seventeen years old, used Fleksy’s iOS keyboard to break his previous record of 18.19 seconds with a new time of 17.00 seconds. The developers of this app says privacy is a major priority. For example, you can swipe left wherever on this keyboard to delete the last word you typed down, while a number of similar gestures are also available. This app comes with over 50 themes.

Black Keyboard

If you hate using keyboards which have a white background, then Black keyboard is the perfect keyboard for you. Just as the name implies, it doesn’t have too many theme colors just mainly black and blue colors. It also have animated themes which you can customize anyhow you like. You can also customize fonts here and choose any font you like.

Cheetah Keyboard

This app allows you to make money. Yeah, you heard me,you can actually earn some cash for completing simple tasks like watching videos, changing themes and so on. This app also supports 3D themes, while it has a built in ‘Gif Keyboard’ and ‘Emoji Keyboard’, and those two are pretty much self-explanatory. This app allows you to choose between from a variety of themes that are available, while you can also create your own themes and customize it the way you want.

RainbowKey Keyboard

RainbowKey Keyboard is one of the highest rated keyboard apps on the Google Playstore, and it brings a ton of customizability to the table. It allows gesture typing and it is a multilingual keyboard as well. There are a number of fonts to choose from here, while the app supports both emoji and emoticons. Auto-correction and next word prediction features in the RainBowKey Keyboard and it allows you to use your favorite pictures as your background.

FancyKey Keyboard

Just as the name implies, you don’t need anyone to tell you this is one of the most beautiful and colorful keyboard you can get anywhere. FancyKey Keyboard is all about personalization. This keyboard comes with over 3,200 emoji, emoticons, personalized themes, and much more. There are over 70 funky fonts that you can choose from, and over 50 typing sounds. ‘Swipe’ input method is available here, while over 50 languages are at your disposal.





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