Top 10 Ugliest SUVs of all time by TechCapon

Top 10 Ugliest SUVs of all time by TechCapon

Top 10 ugliest SUVs of all time

The design of a product has a lot to do with the success or failure of that product. This is basically because of the physical appearance of that product is what will attract potential buyers before anything else. A lot of times, designers tend to run out of ideas and just go ahead and churn out awful designs that you ask yourself what the hell where are they thinking when they designed this car anyway? Below is the list of top 10 ugliest SUVs of all time according to TechCapon.

Pontiac Aztek

Rumour has it that the Pontiac Aztek SUV was designed by 12 people who hated each other. I don’t know how true it is but car enthusiasts around the world seem to believe it and looking at the car itself, you’ll be tempted to believe it as well. The car is not just ugly, it’s the most repulsive SUV I’ve ever seen. And let me also inform you that this SUV was in the list of “greatest automotive flops of all time”.


Infiniti QX80

This sad looking SUV is probably the ugliest looking SUV in the market right now. It was supposed to be the chromed-up luxury version of its big brother, the Nissan Pathfinder Armada but sadly, the reverse is the case. This monstrous-looking SUV is the ugliest SUV that has ever rolled out of the Nissan/Infiniti plant. It’s no surprise that every year we keep seeing less and less of this SUV on our roads.


Nissan Juke (2011-2017)

Automotive designers are always looking for inspirations in creepy places. Otherwise what would make someone or some set of persons sit down to design a frog-like SUV and expect me to find it funny. Well if you are a fan of big frogs then this compact SUV will appeal to your senses. But as far as I’m concerned, HELL NO!


Hyundai Santa Fe (2001-2006)

Anytime I look at this SUV the first thing that comes to my mind is the image of the world-famous “Grumpy Cat” which died a few months ago. From the angles, it appears as if it was dented while the front looks as though a mad man wreaked havoc on the front fender. Thank God Hyundai listened to public outcry and corrected its a mistake by releasing newer models with much better designs.


Toyota FJ Cruiser

Combining the ugliness of this powerful OFFROADER and it’s high fuel consumption capacity, one can only say it’s a recipe for trouble. Not only is the exterior ugly, it’s interior is equally very ugly and depressing but if you fancy ruggedness than looks, then go for it. Toyota killed the SUV and refused to resurrect it anymore.


Jeep Liberty 

I’m sure most folks won’t be surprised to find a Jeep on my list. This is probably because Jeep is notorious for focusing more on performance than appearance. Be that as it may, I won’t hesitate to call them out for giving us this ugly heap of metal. 

Funny enough this SUV sold respectably among its peers and put some smile on the face of its CEO.


Hummer H1

As a little boy, I watched lots of American war movies and I know Hummer SUVs to be used for fighting wars. It’s just as strong as Toyota Hilux we have these days. Later we began to see this big, bold and ugly in music videos and 50 Cent and his G-Unit gang made it popular by using it in some of their popular videos. The SUV failed to impress buyers and the company killed it off eventually.


Lincoln MKT

Someone must have decided that car buyers may need a car that looks like a shark. Therefore he boasted to his friends that he can design a shark-like looking car and also convince his bosses to approve it. Guess what, he actually did it and here we are with this shark on the road. It might interest you to know that this SUV has never sold well in the market and why the company keeps making them, I have no idea.


Jeep Cherokee

For the second time Jeep is making its debut on my list of ugly cars. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a big fan of Jeep brands because of their powerful build and off-roading capabilities. But the company needs to do more in terms of appearance. I mean take a look at this tiny headlight and more confusing front design.


Kia Sportage

To say that I was shocked when Kia debuted the latest generation of it’s Kia Sportage would be an understatement. I was horrified! Kia is a well-respected brand that is known to have Peter Shryer. One of the best auto designers in the world working for them. Unfortunately, none of that talent rubbed off on this compact SUV from Kia as it looked like something from a horror movie.


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