Top 5 new cars that are uglier than the older models. (PHOTOS)

Ugly cars

One would normally expect newer cars to be more beautiful in terms of design that their previous models but for some cars, the opposite is the case. Some of the latest models of cars seem to deserve an award for “ugliest car of the year”.  The older models seemed to have better designs and I wonder why they just couldn’t improve on it instead of unleashing ugly cars on us instead. In this post TechCapon will be giving us a breakdown of top new cars that are uglier than their older models. This list is compiled based on popular we see on the roads everyday as there are other ugly cars out there that are not on our list.

5. Ugly cars: Honda Accord

Ugly cars

Honda Accord is one car whose latest design did not catch my fancy at all. The older models are no doubt more beautiful than the new model by a wide margin. The big grill at the front and, the tiny headlamp and the overall design looks weird but a hardcore Honda fan may still find it pretty.

4. Ugly cars: Hyundai Elantra

Ugly cars

Looking at the two models of the Hyundai Elantra you can easily tell that something is not right with the latest model in terms of design. The older models has a bolder, curvier design and looks more appealing to the eye than the new model. The latest model has a straight look both front and back and lacks the sexy look of the old model. I sincerely hope Hyundai improves on the design of future models of the Elantra considering the fact that this is one of the highest selling model in the Hyundai fleet.

3. Ugly cars: Kia Sportage

Ugly cars

Boy, I don’t know who designed this ugly car because Kia Motor company has one of the best car designers in the car industry, Peter Shreyer. I honestly don’t want to believe he has anything to do with this design of the latest Kia Sportage. The older model looks more appealing and more beautiful. The front headlamps looks like frog eyes. This new model looks sick and dull and this might be the reason the car i not doing too well in the market these days.

2. Ugly cars: Toyota Camry

Ugly cars

It looks like Toyota Camry keeps getting uglier with every newer model being released. The entire front of covered by a massive grill no one needs. While the interior seems to have improved over time, the exterior seems to have dwindled. The body seems to have shrunk inside compared to the the older models. Honestly, if they can’t come up with a better design they should just bring back the old camry design. #BringBackOurCamry

  1. Ugly cars: Infinity QX80

Ugly cars

Infiniti has always pride themselves of being a luxury brand and the fact that they came up with this ugly car either knowingly or unknowingly makes me put them on the number one spot on my list. This new model is ugly compared to the older 2009 model no two ways about it. It is ugly. Infiniti should have done better being a luxury brand but since the car is already here, there’s nothing we can do about it. I prefer the looks on the older QX80 than the newer one anytime, any-day.


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