Why you should avoid buying the foldable phones in 2019

Why you should avoid buying the foldable phones in 2019

Why you should not buy the foldable phones in 2019


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The foldable smartphones raised a lot of hopes and came with a lot of expectations. It also came with a very high price tag, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is coming with a whopping $2,000 hefty price tag but that’s not even the main issue. By now you might have heard of how the device shattered all it’s expectations and became an embarrassment for the South Korean giant.


Popular vlogs and blogs got their hand on the Galaxy Fold for reviews and that’s when shit hit the fan. The all complained of the same thing, broken screens or malfunctioning screens. A broken display is the biggest fear of almost all smartphone users because of the cost and stress of replacing a damaged screen even in advanced countries.


Samsung had already started working on the foldable display technology as far back as 2011. Now 2019, the technology seems to be ready for use– or so we thought. If a giant like Samsung cannot overcome the challenge of bringing Foldable displays to smartphones after working on it for 8 solid years then it calls for some serious concerns.


I know a lot of folks may be thinking, well Samsung is not the only one working on it, there are Huawei, Motorola and others. Yeah but Samsung is the world’s top smartphone maker. Some might even argue that the Huawei Mate X foldable smartphone won’t face the same challenge as the galaxy Fold. That may be true, but as the technology is still very young, there are still lots of challenges that will come along with it. These challenges will take time to fix before the technology becomes perfect.


Lack of suitable design

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The Huawei Mate X folds outwards while the Samsung Galaxy Fold folds inwards. This shows that they’re still experimenting with the technology and still not sure of which style to adopt. The Huawei looks a little better because the Samsung Fold looks like two phones stacked on top of one another. However, the fact that the Mate X looks better doesn’t mean it’s better because by folding outwards, it exposes the screen to scratches and damage. Companies will have to figure out a way to make the devices slimmer and easy to slip into the pocket for people to fancy the technology.

High price, screen issues etc

Other issues surrounding these foldable smartphones are lack of suitable software and user interface, high price tags and durability. Google has said that the next version of Android, the Android Q will support foldable displays but we still have to wait for it before we really know for sure.


So should you buy the Foldable devices in 2019?


My honest answer is CAPITAL NO. The first generation of foldable phones will be more of an experiment to see how it will be received in the market not to mention all the flaws that will come with it. The reasonable thing to do will be to wait for the second or even the third and fourth generation. This way the prices will have reduced to some extent and they would have fixed much of the issues with the older generations.


Nobody likes to waste hard-earned resources on a technology that doesn’t really add much value and comes with a lot of flaws. So that’s it, let us know of your opinion about the foldable smartphones.

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